About Us

We are an online retail trade based in Espoo, Finland. Miss Nord was started to provide the luxury fashion at an affordable price and hence we brought the unique idea of repeated daily and weekend offers to buy the branded fashion clothes and accessories at a huge discount.


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Our story

We have more than decades of experience in B2B and B2C businesses encompassing electronics, clothing and fashion accessories. 

Our new venture Miss Nord is an online collection of branded fashion clothing at an affordable price.

Being confident on our back to back agreements with some of the largest suppliers in Europe to deliver the 100% genuine products, we are more than delighted to present a wide spectrum of clothing and accessories. 

Our portfolio includes streetwear to casual-wear, giving our customers a range of products to choose from.

Our Belief


Our belief is that whatever we wear, it reflects our attitude, our vibe and our persona. That’s why people today are more concerned about wearing clothes and accessories, that personifies them and people could easily connect to the attire and style. 

Miss Nord is such a collection of products which include branded clothing and fashion accessories to suit your persona. There is one for everyone and gourmet of irresistible offers provide you with an opportunity to inspire the world in an affordable way.