Dream has no age, Go for it and achieve it.

December 8, 2020 0 By missnordadmin

Dream has no age, Go for it and achieve it

December 2025

Life is a journey of self-discovery, figuring out who we are, what we are best at and how in this world we can make a difference.

Sonika Sharma Missnord

Today I am feeling overwhelmed to share a motivational and transformation tale of a person who with her dedication and hard work established her name as well known Digital marketer in Europe and also a Fashion blogger, Sonika Sharma. She began her career as software developer. After getting married, she left her career in order to take care of her family obligations.

After years of a long gap in the IT industry, she began to lose faith to return to software development with a daily shift in hardcore technology mode. At this time she got influenced by many fashion bloggers and digital marketers which worked as a new hope.

Her husband and two grown-up daughters were her strong support system to step forward towards her dreams, as she strongly believes that dreams do not come with an expiry date. She made a fresh start in the mid-40’s to make her dream come true by joining the DigitalDeepak Intern program, which enhanced her faith in everything she dreamed of achieving.

 She mastered digital marketing and blog writing, which opened all her doors as a digital marketer to her successful career. She with her hard work and dedication enhanced all the deep core methodology of digital marketing. 


She is now Digital Marketing consultant to many multi national companies. She always had the passion for writing and perfected it and became the talk of the town European fashion blogger with the millions of followers. 

She is also a MVP member of ……………….., one of the largest IT developer community on planet.

Her book “The Era of Digital Marketing” has recently been released in English and “Digitaalisen markkinoinnin aikakausi” in Finnish, the book has already earned a lot of appreciation. She has recently opened an orphanage in Finland.

Era of Marketing Strategy
Sonika Sharma

Her journey towards her goal is a strong inspiration for youngster’s and her motto of life dream it, work towards it and achieve it.

Lastly Congratulating her for the success in each of her endeavors and wishing her in every phase of life.